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Garage Location Fuengirola, Costa del Sol
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    11 m2
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Garage space in the heart of Fuengirola on the second line of the beach in the emblematic Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso, essential to live in Fuengirola or even as a garage to go to the beach. The difficulty in finding parking at any time of the year, especially in summer, makes a parking space on the second line of the beach and the center a good real estate asset to invest. The garage space is located on level 3, very easy maneuverability because the whole complex is spacious. The facilities have the necessary tools for drainage in case of heavy rains, which gives the place greater security compared to previous years. Do not hesitate to contact to visit this useful garage.


Attention!!! The location on the map may differ from the correct location, the property may be lower to the beach or higher in the mountains. It is an indication on the map to show in which region it is located.


Property type
Build: 11 m2
Close to port
Close To Schools
Close to shops
Condition Good
Gated Complex
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